Why Is It Important To Have A Web Site?


Your Competitor Has a Web Site

In this modern day, technology savvy generation, customers use the Internet for all purposes. Whether your company is targeting a small, local market, or ready to gear up for nationwide business, a thriving website is the first step. A small competitor or start-up company can gain instant credibility with a well-constructed web site. If their site is the only one found, chances are that potential customers will choose to buy from them. Don? t let your competitor get off the starting blocks before you do. It can take months for a website to become visible in the popular Search Engines, so starting your website now is also investing in the future.


Satisfied Customers Can Easily Tell Their Friends

When a satisfied customer is around their friends and colleagues, they can easily refer them to your website. Your customer most likely does not carry a brochure or a flyer to pass around, but can easily write down or email a web address. A website equals fast, easy, efficient referrals.


A Web Site Beats Hiring A Salesperson

Let the internet do some of the work for you! When the number of clients generated by a web site is compared with advertising and sales force costs, a web site provides a much higher Return on Investment.


Serious Customers Use The Internet

Well-funded, well-equipped businesses use the Internet extensively to gather information, and make purchases. These are the most valuable prospects because they have money to spend! Many consumers purchase clothing, gifts, services and more from internet retailers. It is likely that even those that you come into daily contact with will report that they have recently purchased a product or service online. If they can't find your site, they may go somewhere else.


Customers Investigate Before Making Contact

Customers today evaluate their options before making a purchase or choosing a company. The anonymity of the internet has given the customer an advantage; they can quickly and efficiently investigate businesses, products and services without personal contact. They are able to promptly visit your website and decide if you have the goods or the services that they desire. This also means that the customer who makes contact is ? pre-qualified? because they already know that you have what they are looking for, making your job easier. Also, with internet ordering capabilities, you are able to make money and complete sales without any personal interaction. In fact, you have the ability to make money when you are not even in the office.


Web Site Return on Investment is Much Better Than Brochure Return on Investment

When the cost of creating, printing, distributing and updating a brochure is taken into consideration, your more-easily-maintained web site is a better investment. We know a brochure can be important, but, if you have a brochure you should have a web site. You are even able to make your brochure into a downloadable format, allowing customers to view the brochure without the expense, or the hassle of the postal mail service. If you don't have a brochure, you should create a web site first, and then pattern your brochure from your website.


A Web Site Makes Your Business Card More Effective

A business card is low-cost and gives your customer a way to remember you. By adding your ebsite address to your business card, you allow repeat customers the ease of the internet. The most common information kept from a business card is the email address and the website address.


You Can Tell Your Story

Since you control your website? s content, you can choose how to present your company. It is one arena that you are able to have complete power over. Many customers will never visit your office, and they may miss important points of advertising. Your secretary or other employee may sound unsure of a product or service, which can scare away potential customers. Your website, and the presentation thereof, serves as a credibility and competency check for every potential customer.


The Bottom Line

Every business today needs a website to be able to compete in the marketplace. A website is an essential tool for small, or growing businesses. Most businesses cannot afford missed opportunities for increase. Websites are the most effective, and efficient way for a business to conduct its affairs.